Blow some Bubbles - I show you how to make a cool GoPro video of it

If your GoPro underwater videos suck, here you will learn fast how to bring them to the next level!

Hi, I'm Tillmann

I´m German and live since 2015 in Mexico, since 2016 in Canún. I´m a full time TDI SDI scuba instructor.
Let me tell you quickly about my connection to diving, underwater film-making and how I became a dive professional:

  • I have a German university diploma in national economics, had a "serious" career in hotel management and was living in the beautiful Engadin valley in Switzerland
  • On my first vacation in tropical regions, Mauritius, I did my first scuba dive followed by my first certification
  • In late 2014 I realized that my actual lifestyle and job was not making me happy. I am very connected to nature and I´m not made to sit in an office - life is more important to me than a career.
  • I decided to make a change and went in 2015 to Playa del Carmen in Mexico to become a dive instructor
  • Three months and 250 dives later I was a proud PADI specialty instructor, got a job right afterwards
  • In 2017 I worked on the Maldives, South Ari atoll, then in Qantab, Oman, to gain experience
  • Back in Cancun I decided that now  is the time to start my own business - Frogman Diving Cancun was born!
  • In 2020 I continued my education and became a TDI instructor for technical diving. Since 2021 I only teach TDI and SDI, no more PADI
  • From my very first dive on I had my GoPro camera with me and developed from blurry, shaky "OMG that sucks" videos to quite acceptable, nice to watch underwater videos
Me at Cenote Kin Ha smiling

My qualifications

I´m a certified instructor for SDI, TDI, FRTI and I´m authorized to conduct the following courses:

SDI Scuba Diving INternational Logo
TDI Technical Diving International Logo


  • Scuba Discovery
  • Shallow Water Diver
  • Open Water Scuba Diver
  • Advanced Adventure Diver
  • Advanced Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Master Diver
  • Dive Master
  • Assistant Instructor


  • Solo Diver
  • SDI Sidemount Diver
  • Computer Nitrox
  • Deep Diver
  • Wreck Diver
  • Computer Diver
  • Equipment Specialist
  • Advanced Buoyancy
  • Marine Ecosystems Awareness
  • Night-Limited Visibility


  • Intro to Tech Diving
  • TDI Nitrox


  • TDI Sidemount Diver
  • Nitrox Gas Blending
  • Equipment O2 Service Tech

Besides that I hold several TDI diver level certifications:

  • Cavern Diver
  • Cave Diver
  • Full Cave Diver
  • Stage Cave Diver
  • Advanced Nitrox Diver
  • Decompression Preocedures Diver

My Story

My first job plan at the age of four inspired by Jaques Cousteau

My very first connection to scuba diving was already as a kid before I was able to read. My father brought a collection of Jaques Yves Cousteau books from the library, including the title "Sharks". In the middle of the book was a section with pictures that I was watching - and then I wanted to know more. Now my bedtime stories were the expeditions of Cousteaus´ "Calypso" rather than Grim´s tales.

My best friends father at that time was scuba instructor of the local life guards and stored the whole gear of the club in his basement. We loved to look through it and my friend explained me everything he knew.
We played in our garden shark tagging with self-made spears and scuba cylinders build from wash-powder barrels.
I was sure one day I will explore the seven seas as marine biologist and underwater filmmaker.

Change of my profession

2014 was the year I came to the point when I had to stop everything, breathe, think and then act.
I had to do a job where I´m in the nature with people, preferable underwater.
Around April 2015 the plan was clear: First go to Playa del Carmen and do my dive instructor in a big facility where I can do lots of diving. And then see what happens.
I sold most of my stuff, quit my appartment, completed my dive gear and landed on the 3rd of July in paradise aka Cancún airport.

A new life in Mexico

In the following three month I had so far the best time of my life! Nearly every day I was diving in the Caribbean, all dive sites of Playa del Carmen, some in Cozumel, different Cenotes.
The deal was that I could go diving whenever there was a free spot on the boat. No matter if I was told that the next day is fully booked, I came anyway at 8 in the morning to see if someone cancelled or if I can join an instructor in his classes.
If possible I did 2 dives in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and a night dive.
I logged 250 dives from my first to my last day.

The journey continues

After a couple of month working as instructor in Playa del Carmen I moved to Cancun. It was a complete different type of work, in Playa I was mainly guiding certified divers, now I was teaching mainly try dives.
To gain more experience and continue my education I left to the Maldives and headed from there to Oman. After 6 month it was enough, I really had to go back home to Cancún.
My next goal was to get my full cave certificate to be able to guide in Cenotes. I had the equipment, I found a great teacher and got completely infected with the cave virus!
I realized soon that I had to enroll the plan I had made during my Maldivian nights: Frogman Diving Cancun, my own business!

Born to dive

I have the best time of my life because I do what I love most, exactly in the way I want to do it, meet amazing people from all over the world and show them how to dive or where to dive.

I have the opportunity to do a lot of underwater filming and work towards my dream to produce a whole underwater documentary.

During the lock down of the ongoing pandemic I took the chance and was teaching myself video post production and sound design. All my knowledge and experience I put in the "GoPro underwater film-making from scratch" course to make it as easy as possible for you to learn underwater film-making.